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As the Collare brand in our wholsales; we continue to work with our business partnerships, many brands and boutiques both in Turkey and abroad. Applying different sales models in accordance with the demands we get from special boutiques and brands, one of the most important points for us is to clarify our terms and conditions in the agreement process and to offer the most effective solutions. While we proceed with prepayment, we do not have consignment product service. Our discount rates are determined according to the requested quantities, and our wholesale category is valid for purchases of 30 or more collars. When you send us your product preferences in the collections, we get the payment confirmation from you after which we send the products to the city or country you specify. We also pay the shipping fees for purchases above certain quantities. In accordance with the agreements we make; our primary objective is to complete the trade which will be carried out by determining mutually the product change-over, refund and all the other details. We can supply your product demands that are not in our stocks and we can help you with the shortest delivery time. Moreover, we can include designs that are not in our catalog, we can supply different products by bringing you together with our design team that will work in accordance with your region and needs. With a minimum of 35% discount on wholesale sales, you can buy our products with price advantages up to 50% according to the quantity of your order. You can reach us by filling out the form below.