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Ölçünüzü bilmiyorsanız, aşağıda yer alan beden tablosunu inceleyebilirsiniz.

One of the most original models of the Glowing Beauty Collection, Villlage is for those who follow their dreams… You can easily combine the Village with your crew neck sweaters, V-neck sweaters, cardigans, jackets, overalls, dresses and all your other clothes.

Collare collars are those products that are specially designed as alternatives to shirts. Each of the products are meticulously produced emphasizing a modern, elegant style as well as bodily comfort. The reasons that collars are the best examples of layered clothing in recent years are that they can be easily combined and that they are timeless. While Collare products are indispensable parts of the cardigans, jackets and sweaters during the winter months, they make you look special with dresses and T-shirts in summer. The collars which make you feel exceptional with their fabric quality and craftsmanship, are such products that are washable at 30 degrees and can be ironed. Fabrics such as cotton and silk are woven with special designs and with craftsmanship. The biggest advantages of the products are that they have two different size options and that they can be adjusted with the ties on the sides. You can click on the product size chart to select the products that will fit your body and to reach the details.

1) The collars we offer you since December 2016, have been produced while paying attention to customers’ comfort, high quality in design and craftsmanship all through the production phases.
2) The fabric of our collars is custom woven. While custom woven fabric eliminates all the negative effects of synthetic products, it also works harmoniously with our comfy designs. Moreover, this fabric allows you to use the products a long time and in a healthy way.
3) The embroideries on Collare collars are made using silk yarns with the highest number of needle punches. The craftsmanship which makes our special designs more visible and better quality is one of the most important aspects of our boutique product.
4) We present you original designs that will make you feel unique.
5) Keeping your comfort and convenience in mind, we offer you those collars, designed with adjustable ties on the sides so that you can use them all through the day.
6) You can wash our shirt-looking collars made with custom woven fabrics at 30° and iron them easily.
7) Since we have started our company, we have always received compliments regarding the ease of use of our collars. We are in strong cooperation with our team for ensuring the continuity of these compliments.
8) To give you the comfort of shopping from your home, we offer you the fastest service from our online sales site with Ssl protection and which is compatible with high reliability certificate.
9) Our cargoes are shipped within one business day at the latest.
10) Our shirt-looking collars are produced with the highest craftsmanship paying attention to each detail.
11) Our collars which we have designed as an alternative to shirts eliminate the comfort problem experienced in winter and summer months.
12) Making you stylish and comfortable at the same time, our collars give you freedom of movement living in stressful cities.
13) You can use the collars in a variety of different combinations from morning to evening during the day.

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